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To maintain QME, Israel wants exclusivity on the F-35

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The concept of qualitative military edge for Israel in the regions in and surrounding the Middle East has been something that the United States has maintained for the tiny country. To continue this, the United States has discussed making the stealth F-35 a product exclusively sold to Israel.

The question that needs to be answered is how long this will last. Israel wants it to last forever.

“I don’t want to discuss specifics, but obviously Israel’s QME depends on what it has when compared against what neighboring countries have,” said Republican US Senator Tom Cotton, Arkansas. “There’s been a lot of talk from this administration about preserving Israel’s edge. But talk is cheap, especially when it comes to the Middle East.”

Israel’s size and vulnerability has made it necessary for the United States to export its best equipment to them while keeping the surrounding nations a step or two behind. This policy has prevented Israel from being attacked in full scale for decades. Will the US continue to maintain QME?

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