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Toyota’s upcoming subcompact crossover looks mean in camo

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When you think of the terms “subcompact” and “crossover,” the thought that it could be mean is probably something that never crosses your mind. Add in the fact that the vehicle in question is a Toyota and you’re probably thinking it will be a tame little beast.

You would be wrong, at least when it’s dressed in camouflage.

There’s something about the unnamed vehicle that Toyota apparently intends to roll out soon that doesn’t seem very subcompact. Like the RAV4, the first images of this ride give it more of a stout stance and appealing perspective, something you wouldn’t expect based upon the size. Give it up to Toyota – they tease their products well.

As we learned from DealerRise:

It may be my cynical nature or just an observation, but it seems if a car company really didn’t want to reveal information about a model or show it testing they could do it easy enough without going to the trouble of covering it up in this manner and letting us think about it.  Although, this form of testing and release of information is only good for the vehicle in question as we consider what it might be and the car company, in this case Toyota, gets to enjoy the anticipation and attention they can prey on until the release of the new product.  Very smart and only slightly sneaky.

Read more on DealerRise.

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