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Islamic State funding may be happening closer to home than we think

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When people think about the funds that are flowing into the Islamic State, most look to areas of the world and fringe groups that have been traditionally supportive of terrorism. Many experts point to western organizations as the source for much of the funding. One expert is Tom Keatinge.

According to RT: Keatinge, director at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Center for Financial Crime and Security Studies, argues the West’s strategy for disrupting terrorist financing is short-sighted.

Walter Schwimmer, former secretary general of the Council of Europe and co-chairman of the World Public Forum, says that we may be missing financing happening right under our noses.

Schwimmer claims that western companies are buying oil and other goods from ISIS. He also believes that there are common western organizations, including charities, that are funneling funds to the terrorist group that is spreading around the world.

When asked about the religious implications, he stated that he believes prophecies and other “myths” are being used as fronts to garner support from Islamic culture.

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