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2016 Nissan 370Z: A Daily Driving Roadster

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When you look at the sports car lineup from Nissan you are considering either the GT-R or the 370Z. While it would be fun to drive the GT-R daily, it would also get tiring as the car isn’t built to be driven every day and lacks some creature comforts. This is where the 370Z comes into play as a sports car that is a roadster you can fully enjoy driving on a daily basis and feel the benefit of the equipment on board that isn’t just there to make the car go faster, but to also give you some comfort and enjoyment.

The 370Z is not going to be your next family car, but if you want a car you can enjoy taking to work and maybe even going the long way home this makes a great choice. The 370Z comes in Coupe, drop-top Roadster and Nismo version to be enjoyed. This car handles perfectly while giving a look that will have many taking a second glance to see what you are driving. Add to the looks the fact this car is actually considered to be one of the most reliable on the road you know you won’t be left stranded when you drive the 370Z.

The Nissan 370Z is playing in a class with the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Porsche Cayman and BMW Z4 to offer some great power and capabilities. The Nismo enjoys the benefit of the noise cancellation technology and the new audio system to give you an even better driving experience. Along with this upgrade the Coupe enjoys the same benefit from the noise cancellation, making the pleasure of driving a highly engaging sports car even greater from any standpoint.

Since we have already harped this a bit, let’s look at the interior of the 370Z. This car offers the benefit of the active noise-cancellation technology to give you a space that is your own oasis from the world outside. This was somehow done without adding weight and sound deadening materials making it an acoustical feat. The materials you will find in this sports car are upscale, supportive and comfortable to give you the right place to pilot your roadster on down the road on the way to your next destination. Controls are intuitive and easy to find and some of the looks actually resemble some of the same from the 1970s. This is truly a vehicle where the destination is not as great as the journey.

As a small, low-slung roadster the 370Z makes for a great ride. Adding the wide and big wheels with flared fenders surrounding them and you see a car that has a purpose on the road. That purpose is to give you a fantastic ride in a car that sticks easily to the road with no sway. Add in the Sport Package and the look benefits from the front and rear spoilers and bigger wheels and tires. The NISMO adds in even better aerodynamics like a larger spoiler and better airflow.

Don’t keep you 370Z locked up in the city or in traffic, you must let this beast breathe its fire on an open road or along a canyon run. When you head out and enjoy some of the twists and turns offered on many roads you will quickly see the effect of the great cornering, exceptional steering and powerful brakes on the 370Z in order to know you have a car that can handle everything you give it. Moving up to the NISMO version will give you a car that is geared for the hard core drivers, are you one of those? If so, you will love the NISMO model.

When looking at the fact your choices for a Nissan sports car are the GT-R and the 370Z you see a huge disparity in price as well as the comfort inside. The base price for the 370Z shows up at $31,000 with the NISMO coupe coming in slightly under $43,000. The Roadster with the drop-top is in the same range as the NISMO, giving you a fantastic sports car to drive for a great price. Even when this car is loaded up it will only top out near $50,000. This makes the 370Z, even fully loaded, a car that is about one-third of the price of a GT-R NISMO edition, making for great savings for you and still an awesome car to drive.

Now that we know the price for this throwback sports car, what is powering the awesome 370Z. This car benefits from a 3.7-liter V6 engine which brings in 332 horsepower for the Coupe and Roadster and 350 horsepower for the NISMO. This is coupled with 270 lb.-ft. of torque for the lower two and 276 for the NISMO. All this power is sent through the six-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Match on the Sport, Sport Tech and Nismo models, or a seven-speed automatic. The fuel mileage of these models show up at 18 city/26 hwy mpg for the Coupe in manual, 19 city/26 hwy mpg for the Coupe in automatic, 17 city/25 hwy mpg for the Roadster in manual and 18 city/25 city for the Roadster in automatic. All models of this car need the use of premium gasoline to operate and perform perfectly, which is exactly what you want so your 370Z can give you the driving experience you desire.

As for the features for the 370Z, the standard equipment is a lengthy list, but there are very few options. This means the car, whichever model you choose gives you a fully equipped model. The Coupe arrives in base, Sport, Sport Tech, Touring, NISMO and NISMO tech trim levels with the Roasters being offered in base, Touring and Touring Sport. the base model comes in with automatic climate control, Bluetooth, steering wheel audio controls and cruise controls, keyless entry and starting, xenon headlights and a four-speaker audio system with auxiliary input. The Touring model shows up with power adjustable heated seats, a navigation system, leather and suede materials, and the Sport models come in with bigger wheels and a rear spoiler. Buying the NISMO models adds a stiffer suspension and more power. The safety features include stability controls, active head restraints and six airbags.

As mentioned, the options for this car are only a small list which includes the seven-speed automatic transmission and an Aerodynamics Package that adds a front wind deflector and rear spoiler. Being able to gain the awesome performance from this great car which comes at a much lower price than the GT-R gives you a sports car you will want to show off every day, and the 370Z is the car built to do just that.

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