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As the world remains silent, Netanyahu threatens Hamas

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If a rocket were shot from Canada and landed in Minnesota, the American people and most of the world would be talking about it. When a rocket leaves the Gaza Strip and hits Israeli land, the international community is silent. That’s life in Israel and it’s making Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu very angry.

“It will be interesting to see if this silence continues when we use all our strength in exercising our right to defend ourselves,” Netanyahu said at his weekly Cabinet meeting. “It should be clear: the hypocrisy that is sweeping the world will not chain our hands from defending the citizens of Israel.”

Last week, a rocket that originated in Gaza landed in an open space in Israel. Nobody was hurt. The attack was claimed by a small group that is aligned with the Islamic State. It was mildly covered by mainstream media in the United States and no notable response came from anyone at the United Nations, the US, or any major government entities.

The world was silent. Netanyahu has been warning Hamas and others in the Middle East that there will be repercussions surrounding the attack.

Whether it’s indifference based on a repeat of the same old incidents that seem to happen every few months somewhere in the Middle East or if it’s a true bias against Israel is unknown. However, it should be noted that the United Nations is considering placing Israel on an atrocities list that includes the Islamic State and Boko Haram. Ted Cruz is vehemently opposing this potential move.

According to CBS News:

Israel considers Hamas responsible for any attacks that originate from Gaza, and announced Sunday that its crossings into Gaza will be shut down in response to the latest incident.

Read more on CBS News.

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