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Egg-rationing starts as avian flu spreads across America and the world

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Egg-laying hens have been the most heavily affected by the intense spread of the avian flu that has affected nearly 50 million chickens and turkeys since the outbreak began. Now, grocery stores are starting to limit the number of cartons of eggs that can be purchased by individuals to prevent complete loss of stock that can detrimentally affect their overall business.

H-E-B is the first major grocer to take action limiting purchases to 3 cartons per visit. This is intended to prevent commercial bulk purchases. Since eggs are common in a good chunk of grocery store visits, running out of them can start sending loyal shoppers to other grocery stores.

Prices for eggs have gone up as well as the supply dwindles compared to the constant demand. Unfortunately, the outlook is grim and getting worse according to the Washington Post:

Given how fruitless efforts have been to contain the flu so far, it’s hard to imagine the system will be flooded with a fresh stream of eggs any time soon. It seems likely, in other words, that other grocers will begin rationing eggs, too, before H-E-B is able to sell patrons as many as they wish to eat.

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