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A Ford You Just Gotta See

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It’s not the new GT, although it’s just as sharp and will certainly catch your eye in a heartbeat. What I am referring to is a fully restored 1940 Ford Pickup that was completed by RK Motors Charlotte and the results are simply breathtaking. Not only will this beautiful beast take your breath, but it shows off with some awesome power, which lets you know it was not just restored, but it was improved upon as well.

You may have thought the only trucks Ford ever built were the F-series, but you would be dead wrong. Even though they are hard to find an even harder to restore vintage examples like this 1940 model allow us to see what Ford had going on in the early days of truck building. RK Motors even painting this beauty blue, which kind of gives you a “in your face” reminder that it’s a blue oval model and not from one of the other two American auto giants of the time.

Of course it’s fully decked out in supple leather upholstery, so much chrome it looks like they robbed a silver mine, and a perfect and pristine look you would expect when a vehicle has been restored to this quality, but what is most intriguing, just like with new Ford F-150s, is what is hiding under the hood. The engine is the 351 cubic inch V8 that you would think to have powering this beast, but it has been bored and stroked to a full 408 cubic inches and added a Tremec TKO600 five speed manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch, not something you would have seen in the heyday of this truck.

Adding even more mechanical mayhem to the mix, the rear axle is a Ford 9-inch version and the chassis has been modified along with the suspension to provide a more engaging drive that more closely resembles the driving experience you would find on a newer model vehicle. The steering is a rack and pinion set up and the wheels are Billet Specialties. The actual color of the paint on the body is Porsche Harbor Blue and the interior does feature air conditioning and a custom Autosound audio system.

With this fully restored beauty hitting the road, every eye would turn to see a vintage piece of art rolling down the road with a growling and powerful engine inside. RK Motors sold this awesome 1940 Ford Truck for a steal of $79,000 and only seventy miles on the odometer. The lucky owner of this truck will have a great time showing it off at shows and around town for many years to come.

Restoring old cars, trucks and SUVs is an art unto itself, finding ones that are rare, such as this 1940 Ford pickup truck and seeing it come to life with the look and feel this beast has going for it makes the entire project well worth the effort. Thanks to RK Motors Charlotte, we get the privilege of witnessing this masterpiece on the roads for several more years and wonder what it may have been like to drive this truck back in the 1940s.

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