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Americans claiming to be Christian on the decline

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It doesn’t take Pew Research to tell us that fewer Americans are claiming religious affiliations. The rise in secularism is a clear indicator that the country is less driven by faith than in the recent past. In fact, a survey of 35,000 American showed a steep decline in the percentage of people claiming to be Christians – 7.8% – between 2007 and 2014.

Other religions are showing modest gains, including Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, but the biggest shift has been towards people claiming to be either atheist, agnostic, or unaffiliated. It seems to be very consistent across the different demographics; men, women, and people of all races are heading in the same general direction.

Generation Trends in American Religion

The biggest declines are based upon age. Americans born in the 1980s are only 57% Christian compared to “generation X” born from 1965-1980 at 70% Christian. It’s something that is concerning churches. As Judeo Christian Church points out:

We are not properly educating children on the importance of the truth. What’s worse is that we’re allowing them to educate themselves within their own misunderstandings. Truth breeds truth. Lies breed lies. The reason that so many in older generations stayed true to the faith is because so many in older generations stayed true to the faith. It’s not doubletalk or circular reasoning. Within their circles, faith helped to strengthen itself. Unfortunately, every generation alive in America today did a progressively worse job of giving the truth to their children.

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