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How do you criticize the new 2017 Ford GT

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The Ford GT stole the show in a huge way in Detroit earlier in the year. If you had been told there was going to be a new GT350R, Raptor, CTS-V, Alfa 4C Spider, BMW M6 and Acura NSX would you think there was something that would draw your attention more than any one of those? Not at all, but the Ford GT did just that showing off a superb race car look in an electric blue paint job that looks just awesome on this car. With this car stealing the show, what could cause the car to receive criticism?

The sound of the car when it’s being rolled away, at a very low speed was exactly what drew some criticism, or did it gain a huge amount of compliments for this sound. First of all, the GT is powered by a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine to gain a massive amount of power from this awesome engine. The engine noise makes its way through the high mounted tailpipes sounding like a semi-truck about to take off and the turbos dispel their noise through the taillight tubes in a high pitched whirring noise.

Although these noises are at low speeds, leave it up to someone who has an affinity for other vehicles to not truly understand what this harnessing of the power really translates to. First of all, if a car sounds like a semi-truck my feeling is there is most likely a huge amount of power in the engine of that car. A semi-truck has a huge power plant that has to be a capable of hauling loads of many tons down highways at or beyond the speed limit. Last I checked, the GT is s lightweight super car that will easily haul, well, only itself down the road or around the track, so I think there will be plenty of power.

As for the turbo noises, what does having turbocharges aboard tell you. It tells you there is nearly instant power and the car is making the most use of the engine power it possibly can to give the best overall performance from under the hood and beyond. This allows the car to have a great deal of awesomeness aboard. So that whining that is heard now at the low speeds is simply the turbos saying “hey, let’s unleash this beast” while looking for a track to do just that.

The new Ford GT is still a ways off from production, possibly Ford will see this as a problem and address it, but I see it as a huge sign of power in a car this is easily going to tear up tracks and track records in the very near future. If you don’t like the sounds coming from the GT and can’t appreciate what they mean, there may be no hope for you, but if you can simply hear the power and almost feel the vibrations from the engine, you will be pleased to see and hear this awesome car when it shows up for the 2017 model year.

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