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Something to Rav(e) About

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In a fast paced world such as this one, safety when transporting ourselves or our family is of the utmost importance. So what happens when the safe car isn’t the fun and sporty vehicle that you desire? Are you, as a driver, willing to make sacrifices to ensure that you and your family are safely contained or do you pick style over safety? All too often, we are forced to choose one thing or the other when it comes to our cars. Until now.

Toyota’s sporty and compact SUV, the Toyota RAV4, is the hottest small SUV on the market, considering there are no allowances needed if you’re looking for safety and fun. The RAV4 is a cleverly designed and roomy small SUV that also boasts fantastic safety ratings without giving up the attractiveness you desire. Toyota set out in 1994 to create an alternative to the lackluster sedan and the massive SUV, and they accomplished their mission with the RAV4.

Since its original inception in the mid-nineties, the RAV4 has been heavy competition for other automakers. Designed with the capacity to carry all of your groceries, your family, and yourself comfortably, the RAV4 is the answer when a sedan won’t cut it. As a result of driving this compact, yet spacious SUV, your wallet can rest easily as well. With an impressive 26 MPG combined, this fantastic little powerhouse gives a good span of time between fill-ups.

The roomy interior doesn’t mean that this SUV will drag you down on the highway, as aerodynamics were key in the design of the RAV4. The mirrors and taillights are designed with special parts called vortex generators that control the flow of air around the car, without sacrificing speed or stability.   Driving at a high rate of speed no longer means an unsafe, wobbly trip on the highway. Capable also of handling anything the weather may throw at you, the RAV4 makes the perfect vehicle for all-weather driving.

If you’re one of the many people in this country whose height is over six feet, you’re familiar with the painful experience of riding in the backseat of most vehicles. However, with over 36 inches of leg room in the backseat, you’ll always travel comfortably in the RAV4. Reclining seats in the rear also make an easy nap possible during long road trips. Toyota maintains that this compact SUV was designed in support of both drivers AND passengers, something almost unheard of in other makes and models.

If technology is high on your list of must-haves in a new car, look no further. The RAV4 features Toyota’s Entune Infotainment System, a 6.1” touch screen system that controls all audio features, while also allowing for access to convenient hands free calling options. Offering MP3 playback, CD, AM/FM, and auxiliary and USB inputs this six speaker stereo system is at the height of audio technology for vehicles. While the features increase with the trim level, the Entune system is sure to please any drivers even at a base level.

Featuring two 12-volt outlets, the RAV4 makes an on-the-road charge of your laptop possible. A smart key system allows for keyless entry, lift-gate opening, and engine powering at the touch of a button. In the 2015 RAV4, dual zone climate control allows your passenger to control their own temperature settings, thus ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone in the car. A standard backup camera is not only a technology feature, but a safety feature as well. No longer does a driver have to guess what is behind them.

When transporting your family, safety is a number one concern for many drivers. It needn’t be a worry in the RAV4, as it is loaded with eight sets of airbags including a driver knee airbag to protect your joints during a collision. The six point Star Safety System includes vehicle stability, brake assist, brake distribution, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and smart stop technology. The design of the RAV4’s safety features also includes a revolutionary seat design that reduces the chances for catastrophic whiplash in the event of an accident.

2015 has been a fabulous year so far, and this year’s design of the Toyota RAV4 has resulted in the promise of an even better year for drivers of this compact SUV. The RAV4 makes no false promises and never fails to deliver on its claims. No matter what your desire, a family car vs. a vehicle that make errand running a snap, the RAV4 is the right car. Contained in a sporty, fun, and stylish little package and offered in nine different colors, personalization won’t be an issue either.

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