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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a democrat even if he’s not a democrat

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Don’t let the capital “I” before his state of Vermont confuse you. Senator Bernie Sanders, the second major candidate to announce his candidacy for the democratic nomination for president, is truly a democrat. In fact, he’s more liberal in his views than most democrats.

Most political analysts would say that the majority of his views fall to the left of the other major democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This should endear him to many of the voters on the left who feel that Hillary Clinton isn’t ready, has too many liabilities, or is not ideologically correct for the nation.

A recent CBS News report highlights this and four other facts about the fiery politician:

Ask him if he’s too far to the left to be a viable candidate, though, and he says absolutely not.

“I don’t believe that,” he told Cordes. “I believe the vast majority of people on issue after issue are supportive. Should we raise the minimum wage to a living wage? The American people say yes. Should we create millions of decent paying jobs in this country, rebuilding crumbling infrastructure? American people say yes. Should we overturn Citizens United and big money in politics? American people say yes. I think on all of the key issues that are out there, frankly we have a whole lot of people on our side.”

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