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Is the Batman v Superman trailer great or terrible?

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With the majority of movie trailers, people can tell pretty universally whether or not they will like the movie. It’s a sad part of the business; most studios put the best scenes in the trailer to entice people to come watch it even though they often give away too much. The Batman v Superman teaser trailer is no exception but the reviews have been strangely mixed.

It’s even deeper than that. They’ve been polarizing. Some are saying that it’s going to be incredible. Others are saying that it looks pretty dumb. Some are excited about seeing a supercharged Batman with the power to be a worthy fight for Superman. Others are still laughing over Ben Affleck being chosen for the role and the trailer didn’t help to change most views. Here’s the thing: with blockbusters like this, the sentiment is usually very strong in one direction or the other. This time, it’s very mixed and yet extremely polarized.

We’re still a year away from seeing the movie so too much exposition or contemplation would be wasteful, but we’d love to get your opinion on the trailer. What do you think: hit or miss?

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