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Just shy of 1 million people bought Apple Watches Friday

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The Apple Watch sold out quickly. That’s not big news. What’s interesting is that people were buying them for others. An average of 1.3 watches were purchased by the 957K people who purchased them.

Don’t expect that this will turn out to be gifting and goodwill amongst people. A good chunk of these will be going on eBay – of that there’s little doubt. As with nearly all things that have to do with Apple, these little gadgets will sell for much more than they’re worth. The limited availability will only add to the fervor.

Here are the statistics according to MacWorld:

The Apple Watch Sport was the most popular model, with 62 percent of buyers picking the less expensive option. But even a third of people who bought the more expensive stainless steel Apple Watch added a black or white Sport Band to their order—possibly because at $50, it’s not exactly a splurge accessory. More than 40 percent of Watch buyers picked the space gray Sport, with the stainless steel Apple Watch coming in second place with 34 percent of preorders. The black Sport Band was the most popular accessory, followed by the white Sport Band and the Milanese Loop band. An Apple Store employee told me the Milanese Loop is beloved by employees and people who try it on in-store, which sounds hard to believe until you wear it yourself.

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