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Infotainment made easy

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Having an infotainment system in your car is one of the most advanced pieces of technology put into vehicles nowadays. Using the infotainment system to the most of its available features is a completely different story altogether. For many who have an infotainment system in their vehicle the extent of use may be navigation or the audio system, but there is so much more to these systems than you might think. In Toyota vehicles the system is called Entune and it offers a variety of fantastic advancements to take full advantage of and enjoy including such things as making a dinner reservation and finding the nearest sporting event.

The Entune system placed in Toyota’s lineup of vehicles is designed to be used by way of the steering wheel mounted controls; safety first of course. This system makes it easy to use the App Suite and features without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. You can actually reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, get sports scores, stock prices, and fuel prices, buy movie tickets and listen to hundreds of radio stations all by using the Entune system in your Toyota vehicle.

In order to take full advantage of the App Suite, which offers a huge collection of apps including Bing, iHeart Radio, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable, Pandora along with a variety of data services, you need to have a compatible smart phone and download the Entune App Suite in your phone. Once downloaded, you can set up your account in you smartphone which will then require you to transfer your account to the Entune system in your Toyota vehicle and synchronize the two to be used together whenever needed. This gives you the ability to use the Entune system inside and outside of your Toyota vehicle and be able to take full advantage of all the awesome technology and easy to use features and apps of Entune.

By increasing your ability to use the infotainment system in your Toyota, you can be more connected than ever inside your car. Whether you are an avid sports fan who wants to know all the latest scores, a stock investor who needs to know how your portfolio is performing, or just a fan of great music, the Entune system has a variety of features to make things easier while you are on the road behind the wheel of your Toyota vehicle.

We all want to be more connected and have technology make our lives easier. Because technology has advanced as quickly as it has you can now enjoy the fantastic features of an infotainment system that does nearly everything for you including giving you turn by turn directions to wherever you are headed. It’s no longer necessary to have a plan ahead of time, with the Entune system from Toyota you can now head out spontaneously knowing you will be able to get a table, buy tickets or stay aware of your location with the awesome features Toyota has built into this advanced infotainment system.

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