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A Gran Turismo Design from Chevrolet

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With Gran Turismo 7 coming out soon and many car designs over the years being features in the game, almost all of which are concept cars, Chevrolet decided to jump into the action with their own concept car. This car is built to be one that many will enjoy playing in the game and gives a huge racing feel to the game with a car that is certainly Formula One inspired along with carrying futuristic designs. The car Chevrolet is showcasing for the game is called the Chaparral 2X Vision and it carries along a huge amount of aerodynamics and sleek design in order to give the feeling of a racer that is yet to come.

From the outside the car looks like it’s built upside down with its spoiler close to the ground and the middle of the body of the car raised up from the ground to give maximum airflow and downforce allowing for amazing speeds to be achieved. Each of the four wheels is completely isolated from each other in specially made pods that contain the rims, brakes and bearings are all located allowing for the space between being completely void of equipment and providing a place for air to flow past. The driver is the only one able to occupy the vehicle with speed in mind. The cockpit is a glass encased oval giving a great view all around to the driver to allow control at high speeds.

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision

As a car that means business and that business being speed, the cockpit is adorned with a premium leather seat for driver comfort but the rest is all about gaining the fastest time possible on any run in this amazing and futuristic looking car. The Chaparral 2X Vision is nothing short of a vision out of the Gran Turismo game giving a peak into what can be out on the track.

With a power pack of lithium ion batteries powered by a 670-watt laser the Chaparral 2X Vison can reach an amazing 900 horsepower and move quickly to sixty mph in 1.5 seconds, a simply unbelievable time for this speed. At the top end this car is projected to reach 240 mph giving huge excitement to anyone who would be lucky enough to be able to drive this car. If this car were to ever actually reach production the power plant would have to be toned down quite a bit, but this car could actually be one that might jump out of the game for those who are able to afford a very limited production model.

Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo

As a vehicle that shows off with a very unique exterior design along with an expected enormous performance the Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision for the Gran Turismo game looks like it could be a ton of fun to play in the game along with being a car that offers huge performance numbers on the road. Hopefully this car will make it to production and we will get to see it on the road sometime in the future, but until then, gamers can enjoy playing with the car in the Gran Turismo 7 video game.

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