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As Time Marches on so Does the Competition

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There was no way you could ever imagine Mustang would be upgraded and redone for a new generation and the Camaro not respond. The Mustang which just entered its new generation has taken over much of the market of sports cars that Camaro wants to have back, which has now spurned a response which is to offer the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to be better and more active than the Mustang could ever be. The Camaro, even in the previous generation model is a high performance beast that had no rival in its class on the track, but on the road the Mustang was better.

With the performance in mind, the new Camaro won’t look much different than the outgoing version, but the inner workings will be something of an amazing feat of sill and technology. The new Alpha platform GM has come up with that is currently prowling around in the Cadillac ATS and CTS will be brought to the Camaro to improve its road manners and make it more of what we all want in our Camaro.

With this new light and stiff platform the new Camaro will be well ahead of the Z-models in regards to acceleration, handling and fuel economy. This new lighter platform will also do something the Mustang has already done, but allow Chevy to have a competitor in the game and that is, offer a four-cylinder engine that will rival the new Mustang EcoBoost engine.

For the Camaro the four-cylinder should show up as a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is currently seen in the Caddies which offer 272 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. Starting with the four-cylinder, you know will mean this beast will offer a V6 and a V8 as it always does to give a wide range of power and performance options for anyone to build the right Camaro for their tastes.   The SS model of the Camaro will adopt a new V8 small block engine and finally lose the LS3 engine.

As the Camaro moves forward to the four-cylinder engine offerings, we can expect to see the 1Le, Zl1 and Z/28 start to be replaced with the new models which signifies Chevrolet ushering a new era of high-powered sports cars for you to choose from and gain the most out of the performance . With this new platform, the Camaro will certainly be a favorite for those who have loved it for a long time.

The real question will be whether or not the Camaro will be able to take some of the market share back from the Mustang. As the Mustang has been redesigned in recent years to resemble more of the first generation models, the Camaro has continued to look more modern. This one difference may make the difference in a sale when all the power numbers are similar to each other. That makes for an interesting discussion between following a bit of nostalgia, or going for a car that has always been one awesome sports car, I know which one I would go for, but I’m extremely biased.

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