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Did this risqué smartphone commercial deserve to be banned?

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Kazam’s new Tornado 348 smartphone isn’t off to a very good start thanks to a recent ad that has been banned in the United Kingdom by the country’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) on the grounds that it was sexually suggestive and breached the Code of Broadcast Advertising. The ban came after numerous people made formal complaints to the ASA claiming that the ad was too sexual and had nothing to do with the smartphone being advertised.

The video can still be found on YouTube and it’s clear from the beginning that the commercial is as relevant to the product being advertised as a Carl’s Jr. commercial, which means it’s not at all. Kazam claims that the ad was meant to be “tongue in cheek” and I honestly don’t believe that it should have been banned, especially considering it wasn’t shown to children, but you could definitely argue that it deserves some criticism for blatant objectification.

Do you think it takes it too far?

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