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Kia Trail’Ster concept car coming to Chicago Auto Show

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Kia has become a name in quality. They have improved not only the look of their vehicles, but the way they operate as well. They have branched out to build cars that are a little out of the normal, but have had success in doing so. The Kia Soul has become a staple in the Kia lineup and has remained popular over the years. They revealed the Kia Soul’Ster a few years back as a concept vehicle, and now are introducing the Kia Trail’Ster concept car in Chicago this year.

So what will the Trail’Ster concept car have to offer its drivers if it were to ever reach production? The Trail’Ster is based of the quirky Soul with a twist. It is designed for off-road enthusiasts and has upgraded bumpers as well as stronger rocker panels. This five door off-road vehicle has a canvas top that can be completely retracted allowing for spectacular views of the great outdoors.

Trail’Ster’s All Wheel Drive is electronically controlled and the turbocharged engine powers the front wheels. The rear wheels are powered by an electric motor. Fun colorful wheels have been leaked in photos of the Trail’Ster. It is rumored that the Trail’Ster merges the 2009 Soul’Ster concept car with the 2012 Track’Ster concept car and is more likely to reach production than the predecessors.

Although there has been much speculation on what the trendy Trail’Ster concept car will actually sport as far as power and features, we have only been given a glimpse into what Kia has in store. For information on horsepower, and other mysterious features, we will have to wait like the rest of the general population to find out what these will be. The Trail’Ster will be debuted in the Chicago Auto Show this Thursday.

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