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Details on the Apple Watch’s Companion app have been leaked

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The launch of the much-anticipated Apple Watch is just a couple of months away and one of the biggest questions people have is how the smartwatch is going to work with Apple’s other devices. Fortunately, a report from 9-to-5-Mac may have finally given us some answers thanks to a bit of code that was created by developer Steven Troughton-Smith (which you can find on Github). The report shows us how the official Apple Watch app for the iPhone will work.

Known as the Apple Watch Companion app, the report describes it has a hub for not only the Apple Watch’s settings, but the settings of some of the smartwatch’s apps as well. As was revealed not too long ago, most of the Apple Watch’s apps will actually be extensions of existing iPhone apps and will rely on the iPhone to function, at least initially.

Screenshots of the app running on the iPhone show us that the Apple Watch will be able to do things such as remind you to stand up every hour, provide progress reports on activity at certain intervals, and notify users of goal completions. Other notifications include achievements, such as when you reach a certain milestone. Users will also have the option of receiving a Weekly Summary, which gives you a quick recap of how much you’ve moved over the last week.

Fitness isn’t the only focus of the Apple Watch, however, as the are also sections of the Companion app that provide more standard services such as push alerts from the iPhone for alarms or timers or the ability to choose a one to four letter monogram that will appear on the device’s watch face, which is described as a “Complication.” These Complications were introduced in new marketing for the Apple Watch not too long ago. Apple describes them as special functions that are displayed within the device’s numerous watch faces, such as stock quotes and weather.

The report also confirms that the Apple Watch will be shipping with usable storage space for images, music, and smartwatch apps. Other settings include the ability to set up a passcode for your Apple Watch and automatically have your smartwatch wake up when its near your iPhone. The screenshots also show how Apple pay will work with the device.

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