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Ford Escape gets Labeled as ‘Multi-talented’

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It’s hard to write an unbiased article about the first vehicle I purchased on my own, but I’ll try to put the Ford Escape’s place in my heart aside. It won’t be too hard. This definitely isn’t the Escape I bought all those years ago.

It many ways, it’s better. In some ways, it’s worse. Let’s discuss the worse ways, first. When I was first in the market, I was a young man deciding between the fun of a sports car and the utility of a truck, though some would say that a truck can be more fun than a sports car. I had just landed a great job and was now in the market for new girlfriend to replace my college heartbreaker. I test drove the Mustang (V6 for the insurance costs) as well as an F-150. I even drove a Ranger, just in case. All were impressive but none of them grabbed me.

Then, the frustrated salesperson showed me an Escape. I was hesitant because I assumed that all SUVs were out of my price range, but it wasn’t. More importantly, it was nothing like what my friends had. I was in Indianapolis at the time and the vehicle of choice was a truck. Last time I visited Indy, I found that SUVs were all over the road, which brings me to thing that’s worse today about the Escape. It’s no longer my big secret. It’s not the vehicle that few people had that told everyone I was a sports utility guy without paying the perceived sports utility price.

The positives are unquestionable, which is why it struck my fancy when I read an article about it being “multi-talented”. It always has been, but apparently everyone is finally starting to catch on.

Here’s an excerpt from the post on the Spokesman:

It’s the age of the crossover and, at Ford, the Escape has matters well in hand. Its multiple engine offerings; high levels of equipment, both standard and optional; and agreeable personality seem to promise a long and durable run.

Read more on the Spokesman.

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