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Sony might launch its first Android TVs in February

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Google unveiled its new plan to take over your living room earlier this year. Shortly after the demise of Google TV, the company decided to develop and entirely new platform known as Android TV, and announced that it will be leaving the development of the actual set-top boxes and smart televisions to OEMs such as Sony, which could release Android TV-powered smart televisions as early as February 2015, according to a report from Mobile Geeks.

The report claims that Sony is already in the process of testing its first Android TVs and that they’re expected to begin mass production in January. While the inclusion of various Google apps in the Android TV is expected, Android Headlines notes how surprising it is that Sony is actually melding some of its own services with Google’s.

According to Trusted Reviews, Sony’s Android TVs will have direct access to Sony’s PS4 Remote Play, which means you’ll be able to connect your PlayStation 4 to your smart television through Wi-Fi, even if they’re in separate rooms. Sony is also including PlayStation Now, its own cloud gaming network that’s actually being linked to Google’s Games service, which is very interesting to say the least.

As exciting as this news is, Slash Gear reminds us of the biggest drawback. Sony’s Android TVs are expected to launch with a minimum price tag of $700, with some models reportedly reaching as high as $4,000. While this is certainly a reasonable price for a smart television with these kinds of features, it’s still unappealing when compared the Nexus Player’s $99 offering.

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