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New automotive network aims to free the content syndication gridlock

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Those who are in the automotive industry and who regularly populate the various networks know two things are very prevalent: low quality content mixed in with the good stuff and a better-than-not likelihood that the content was published to multiple networks. This is common in the car business as both dealers and vendors split their time between the various industry websites.

Dealer Authority has launched a new network called Dealer Bar. The goal is to give the industry the right venue to expand knowledge without sacrificing uniqueness.

The articles and blog posts are all vetted for both quality and personalized content. Posts on Dealer Bar should not appear anywhere else, making it one of a handful of “exclusive-only” automotive digital marketing content hubs.

Anyone can join, but poor or duplicate articles will be pulled down. The idea is that if dealers or vendors want to see great content in one place, this is the venue to do it. The network was built on the Ning 3.0 platform, making it modern without sacrificing the accumulated relevance that automotive industry professionals have built up on other websites such as Automotive Social or Dealer Elite.

“We’re not trying to build the biggest network. We simply want the best,” said JD Rucker, editor for the site. “Dealers deserve it.”

The network is launched and has an active Facebook page and Twitter account associated with it.

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