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Obama Needs to Do More, According to Facebook

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The Obama Administration is doing things that will reform the way the NSA and other spy agencies handle our privacy and the privacy of citizens in other countries. According to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not enough. This declaration comes after meeting with White House staff and other tech leaders.

The NSA has been under major scrutiny around the world ever since Edward Snowden revealed much of the extent of their spying operations, particularly when it came to personal data on cell phones and other communication devices. These allegations, mostly confirmed, assert that the spy organization takes advantage of their technologies to spy on people even if they are not a suspect of terrorism or other crimes.

According to the Mercury News:

Emerging from a White House meeting with top Silicon Valley executives, intended to soothe concerns over Internet spy programs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signaled Friday that he’s still not mollified by President Obama’s proposed intelligence reforms.

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