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The Best Battlefield Live Game Communications Ever

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We all know that some gamers take their games seriously. Very seriously. While most play casually and use them as instantly gratifying forms of entertainment, others take it to the point that it replaces real life. This is bad.

There are, however, the occasional gems of gamers who enhance not only their own fun but the fun of others by taking the game satirically seriously. In this video from a Battlefield 3 match, we get to hear someone who plays along like it’s a real battlefield. At first, it may be creepy as it seems that maybe this guy is one of those who is replacing real life, but then you realize that he’s just having fun by enacting it all with some real organizational dialogue and a bit of humor thrown in.

Needless to say, it went semi-viral on YouTube and needs to get even more attention. It’s that good.

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