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10 Tallest NBA Players Ever

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Basketball players are, on average, the tallest sports players in the world. The reason is obvious – the rims on a basketball court are 10 feet in the air and height plays a major roll in one’s ability to get the ball in the hoop as well as trying to stop the opponents from doing the same. That’s not to say that short people can’t play basketball, but taller people have advantages.

Sometimes, even the tall people have to look up to even taller ones. There have been many 7-footers in the league. Every team in the NBA has at least one. However, there are some that extend the magic mark by a few inches. In some cases, it proved to be very useful, particularly on defense.

In this infographic by Graphs.net, we take a look at the 10 tallest.

Tallest Basketball Players Infographic

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