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The Camry loses recommendation from Consumer Reports

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It’s only happened one time in the last decade and that was due to acceleration malfunctions that caused crashes. Now, the Toyota Camry has been bumped from the realm of Consumer Reports recommendations on their own.

The Camry has been considered one of the most reliable cars ever made as can be attested by its 11-year run as the top selling car in America. Will this latest challenge move them off of consumers’ short list?

Here’s what Business Week had to say:

Consumer Reports isn’t recommending any version of the Camry, the top-selling U.S. car the past 11 years, for the first time since the automaker’s 2010 sudden-acceleration crisis, said Jake Fisher, the magazine’s director of automotive testing. While Toyota and Honda Motor Co. held the top three spots in the annual auto-reliability survey released today, GM’s GMC and Buick posted gains. Volkswagen AG (VOW)’s Audi cracked the top five.

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