Smart fortwo: cute and fun subcompact ride.

When you buy a small car in the micro class where the Smart fortwo is positioned you want to have more than just a shell on wheels. Many times we buy these micro cars to have the best fuel mileage, to get us to and from our workplace in the
Faraday Future Still Strives for Relevance

The world of luxury EV models is going to get crowded fast by the time Faraday Future finally has a vehicle they can sell and one we can all enjoy to drive.  This brand and company recently revealed its new FF91 model at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of this
Have a great ride on two wheels. Featuring the Honda Rebel 300 & 500.

The weather has gotten better and more agreeable for the daily fun you can have on the road. You want to enjoy the fun of the open road but want to do this in a new way that offers you the feeling of a powerful engine between your legs and
No More Taxi

Living in a major metro area means that you are well versed with mass transit and systems like Uber and Lyft. And, as I found on a recent trip to Virginia Beach, it helps if you know how to use these systems even if you are just a tourist. I
2016 Porsche Cayenne

While this question has some simple answers such as adding more power to their sports car lineup or by continuing to balance out the power with the driving as Porsche has done for generations, the question is meant for the SUVs of Porsche.  Specifically, I’m asking how you can make
2016 Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4

What is the craziest, most preposterous vehicle in America?  That would happen to be the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 Squared which came in a bright yellow paint as the first of its kind on our shores.  This amazing SUV is only the first of what we expect to be many of
Hyundai Elantra Sport

There are some cars in the compact sedan world that just look like they should be turned into sport cars.  They don’t have to be fully decked out, that might look a bit odd, but these cars could benefit from some added sport features and a boost under the hood
Hitch Theater

Do you remember being able to watch a movie on a giant screen from the inside of your vehicle, the back of your truck or just by popping a couple lawn chairs down at the drive-in?  Most of the younger generations don’t remember this and even those of use heading
Crossover SUV

A couple of years ago, the American public couldn’t have told you the difference between a crossover, an SUV, or anything that fell in between, but now you can’t seem to get away from the crossover vehicle.  They’ve easily become some of the most popular vehicles in the United States,
Ted Cruz Drop Out

After a devastating loss in Indiana, Ted Cruz wasted no time in putting an end to his Presidential campaign. He’ll now return to DC to continue as the junior Senator for Texas. Donald Trump is almost certain to be the nominee even though John Kasich continues to persist… for some