When To Replace Your Phone

We all remember the massive creations that were the first portable phones. Most people have owned a “bag phone” at some point in their lives. There was a period of time when those with the smallest cell phone were on the cutting edge. In the decades since the original production,
The Truth About Tinder

Let’s get real about dating in this day and age… it sucks. Dating is hard. Getting to know someone new and seeing how they fit into your life and vice versa is really difficult. Blind dates are usually pretty horrible and friendly “I know someone who is perfect for you,
The Small Plates Movement

Did you know that the average person dines outside their home at least once a week? Once a week is a lot when the restaurant selection is limited in your area and chances are, you’ve encountered some repeat meals over time. When you get comfortable with a certain repertoire while
The Best Store Credit Cards

Credit is king. No one can argue that point, as nearly everything we do these days is dependent on how we’ve maintained our credit over the course of our lives. Credit is a great lesson for people of all ages to learn, make good choices and get great rewards. If
The Advantages of Smart Thermostats

Nearly every home has some device or another that is leading the charge in making their home a “smart home”. Whether it’s a speaker that answers their questions or a lighting system they can control from their phone, people are jumping on the smart home bandwagon and adjusting to an

For pet owners, finding a reputable supplier for all of your pet care needs is a bit of a hassle. Some places are overpriced, some places carry food and toys, but no treats or clean up bags or beds. There are a handful of places where you can get a
Noteworthy Natural Disasters

With all of the hubbub surrounding super-storm Irma that is dead-set for destruction of Florida’s coast, a lot of news reporters are bound to make comparisons to previous hurricanes that have made their way through the United States and foreign lands. These previous storms from which they draw comparison have
Social Subcultures

In this country our culture is representative of what we’ve come to achieve as members of the human race, and these achievements are numerous. Over the course of my life alone, we’ve passed gay marriage as a right across the country, states are passing marijuana legalization laws in one way
The Top Self Help Books

We all need a little help to get through life sometimes. With everything life has to throw at us these days, more people suffer from depression and other emotional problems every day. From professional problems to relationship issues, most people have a hard time getting through their days worry free.
Awesome Road Trips Across the US

If you’re looking for that last hurrah with your college friends, or you’re newlyweds looking for a fun and different way to spend your honeymoon, what could be better than a good old-fashioned road trip? Sometimes the best trips are the ones that happen on your way to your destination,